Critical G (CBG:CBD 1:1)


Over a decade of blood, sweat, tears, and determination have been poured into breeding the perfect balance of genetics for a full body experience. The extraordinary CRITICAL G’s (previously known as Goliath) major cannabinoid profile is CBD and CBG, commonly finding COA’s with a 1:1 ratio. CBC is a high minor, and this plant is known to have TWICE the number of terpenes than most other hemp varieties.

Appearance: Beautiful orange hairs paired with hints of purple give these dense buds an unprecedented look.


Nose:Strong fruity nose coming from its effervescent citrus terpene profile.


Taste: Citrus flavored smoke that’s oh so smooth. Like drinking a glass of orange juice.


Effects: A wave of relaxation and relief roll across your body from head to toe. 1:1 CBD to CBG provides an experience unlike anything you’ve tried.


History: After over 10 years, this strain was brought to the market in 2020. The cultivar comes from Washington State and was created by Critical 39!

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