Sour G (CBG)


The newest CBG strain in our lineup! Beautiful orange hairs paired with a amazing floral nose makes this new CBG cultivar stand out against other CBG strains.

Appearance: Beautiful orange hairs paired with an amazing array of trichomes make these buds shine in the light.


Nose: Floral with traces of pepper and hints of sour, Sour G has a unique nose when compared to other CBG strains on the market.


Taste: Sour tasting with a clean exhale, Sour G is one of the smoothest strains we have. It can be compared to Apollo CBG!


Effects: Perfect for daytime use and relief, Sour G has a very light heady feeling with overall body relief.


History: With lineage coming from Sour Diesel, Sour CBG is a cultivar coming from Oregon Seeds. Grown in Oregon, this strain has the same strength and vigor as the best CBG strains on the market.

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