The Vet

$63.00 or $63.00 $53.55 / month

The Vet is the perfect subscription box for the everyday hemp user! Experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD, including overall relaxation and calmness, as you dive into our monthly box of hemp goodies. Filled with premium smokeable hemp flower, pre-rolls, and CBD edibles, you’ll be set all month long.
Each box includes:
  • 2 packs of our premium hemp flower
  • 2 packs of our great tasting CBD gummies
  • 1 CBD pre-roll
  • 1 CBG pre-roll
On their own, these products would cost almost $75, but with The Vet subscription, you’re only paying $50. What a steal! Subscribe today to get an even bigger savings of 10% off. CBD has never felt so good!
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