Elektra – 3.5


With hints of fresh citrus and earthy notes, Elektra is a daytime strain that will keep you in a great mood all day long.

Appearance: The bright green sticky buds with trichomes on this smokeable hemp flower shine bright in any light.


Nose: Indulge your senses with this aromatic CBD flower as you take in smells of rich red wine, chocolate, and citrus.


Taste: Elektra is a tasty strain filled with earthy notes, hints of sweet pine, and freshly peeled oranges.


Effects: Whether you want to smoke a fat bowl before bed or smoke on a few joints, Elektra will provide you with calming, euphoric effects that are great for any time of day.


History: Grown on a small one-acre farm in Oregon, Elektra’s moist, sticky-to-the-touch nugs are considered a “private reserve” because of the meticulous drying and cure process. This makes it one of the highest quality CBD flowers we’ve gotten our hands on.


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Also comes in a convenient pack of 10!

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